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Ecopearl OCEANIA is our specialist Biodegradable waterless cleaning solutions division utilizing brands with 11 years of award winning products behind their name, an international presence and innovation that ranks them as one of the most quality driven brands around. This strategic allegiance ensures the integrity of the Ecopearl brand in delivering service excellence as well as sustainable compliance. All products within this division bear both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Accreditations.

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At Ecopearl OYSTER we firmly believe that green machinery is the way of the future. Our OYSTER division begins that now by employing the use of  “Instant Vapour” state of the art Steamers, all equipped with their Patented energy saving Boiler less Technology. This dynamic green thinking allows for a wide range of cleaning applications ranging from the automotive to hospitality industries, the cleaning solutions are endless. Our Ecopearl Steamers will have you moving full STEAM ahead.

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Ecopearl AQUA is the coming together of Smart Technologies, a Symbiotic Innovation resulting in a first of it's kind service in tune with global sustainable thinking providing automotive cleaning solutions on a corporate scale. This world-class mobile automotive division of Ecopearl embodies the spirit and values of the mother brand. Through extensive research, visionary thinking and countless hours at the drawing board in the Ecopearl Lab, our groundbreaking Aqua was born, engineered and designed to be a genuine and practical automotive cleaning solution bringing environmental saving along with phenomenal results. Enquire now and share our greener vision.